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Afro Erotica - French Kiss

Elektrokiss - The Teacher (Slap Me Like A Bitch)

Li Kwan - I Need A Man

T.C. Matic - Putain Putain / Living On My Instinct

Taste Of Sugar - Hmm Hmm

Super Disco d´Or Vol 2

Cerrone - Cerrone VI "Panic´"

The Faderflippers - Don´t Fear The Funk

Club 69 - Style

Project 4 / Undercover Agency Featuring Trust - Nude Directions

Max Tailleur - Sex Uit ´t Vuistje

The Wild Oats Sing... Songs The Censor Missed!

Barbara Markay - It´s All Rite......

Orchester Pasquale Dagorn - Erotic Dreams

Stimmung, Sex Und Gute Laune

Erotic Nights

Peter Lauch - Peter Lauch´s Sex Magazin Nr. 2

Erni Mangold Und Heinz Reincke - Erotische Volkslieder

Helen Vita - Charmante Frechheiten

Ibiza Sex And Beats

Bianca Flier, Peter Welte - Erotische Volkslieder

Mary Harrison - Your´s Faithfully Fanny Hill

D. H. Lawrence - Lady Chatterley´s Lover

Vários - The Ballad Of Fanny Hill - An Original Musical Monodrama Based Upon The Book Memoirs Of A Woman Of Pleasure by John Cleland

MFSB - Sexy

Harry Hermann And His Orchestra - Music For The Girlfriend She Dotes On Dreamy Music

The Rolling Stones - Angie

Queen - Body Language

Erotismo Nº 1

Caravelli - Save Your Kisses For Me / Fernando

Io Apolloni e António Anjos - Polícia Sexy / Erótica

(interpretação de) Miguel Graça Moura - Emmanuelle e O último tango em Paris

Fátima Murta & António Victorino D´Almeida - Afrodite (Antologia Sobre o Amor na Poesia Portuguesa)

Erotismo n.º 5 / Garota evoluída

Super Erotica / P. Z.

Super Erótica

Jô Soares - A B...e outras Estórias

Doce - Starlight

Doce - Amanhã de Manhã

Doce - É Demais

Super Erótica Vol. 2

Orgasmo - Z

Super Erótica!

Doce - O.K. K.O.

Tribute to Boney M.

Los Camelos - Si, si... no, no

The Chartbusters - Pye Chart Busters

Fausto Papetti - My One And Only Love (35ª raccolta)

The best of the Top Pops, volume 1

Danser - disco samba version orginale